Pathway Asset Management appreciates the importance of securing and keeping good tenants and understands that tenants are real people, leading real lives.

Urgent repairs fall into 2 categories:

  • 1. Repairs necessary to prevent personal injury, damage to property, or cause undue hardship or inconvenience to the tenant such as the restoration of electricity, gas, a functioning refrigerator (if one was supplied with the premises), waste water management treatment and water (including the supply of hot water).

ACTION by tenant: Contact the appropriate company or person below, without delay and inform your Property Manager as soon as is practicable. If you have to pay for the service after hours which may happen sometimes then the owner will reimburse you providing you have not caused the damage or situation that makes the repairs necessary and have not delayed the repairs for any reason.Should reported maintenance issue/s be deemed the responsibility of a tenant or the fault of a tenant(s), tenants are responsible for the invoice payment. If a tradesman is called out to a property for something that is not considered an emergency, the Landlord and the Agency reserve the right to pass invoice payments on to the tenant(s).

  • 2. Other essential repairs that do not fall into the Emergency category should be reported to your Property Manager as soon as possible during normal working hours.

ACTION by tenant: Report the maintenance to your Property Manager who will arrange for you to be contacted within 48 hours to arrange access.

It is very important that you do not delay in reporting these matters as the Lessor can hold you responsible for any additional damage and the costs to repair.

Tips and Tricks

  • Burst hot water service and/or leak – turn water off at mains and report immediately.
  • Power outage – www.westernpower.com.au will show you a Power Outages Map and estimated time of restoration of service or call 13 13 66 (don’t call an electrician before you check with Western Power). Check your Meter Box, if you have a faulty appliance it may have tripped your Residual Current Device (RCD). Disconnect the appliance and flick on the RCD.
  • Alinta Energy – call 13 13 52 – if you smell gas in your home or in the street. Avoid flames and sparks – don’t light matches or cigarettes. Don’t use electrical switches, appliances or mobile phones. Never light a gas appliance if you detect gas odour. Turn off all gas appliances, making sure the pilot light [a small flame that lights the main burner] has gone out. Open all windows and doors to disperse the gas.
  • Serious roof leak, flood and/or storm damage – call SES on 132 500
  • Life threatening emergencies – call 000 for police, fire, ambulance
  • Locked yourself out? – hopefully you have a spare key hidden away or with a friend/relative but if not you will need to call a Locksmith. Any change of locks must be reported to your Property Manager the next day and all keys, fobs & remotes replaced at your expense and the Locksmith’s account will be your expense too.
  • Keep your contact details up to date – don’t cause unnecessary delays, ensure your Property Manager has your current mobile & email details.
  • Keep these contact details on the fridge in case an emergency arises.

Emergency & Urgent Repairs Contact

Please call your property manager and leave a message on 0491 251 392

Non- Emergency & Non-Urgent Repairs Contact

If you have a maintenance request that is not an emergency as defined above, please contact your Property Manager via email, together with photographs of the fault and with clear information about the problem. Please also ensure that you provide your best contact details and always put the property address in the subject so we can action with priority.